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The Took Family's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Took Family

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Shire emergency [10 Oct 2002|01:29am]

[ mood | militant ]

Beloved family, you may or may not have heard about the recent threat to our homeland. Having nothing better to do since I've given up alcohol I am not prepared to see this annoying twat ravage the Shire yet again. There have already been some casualties, but if we band together and fight dirty, there's no stopping us. If you give a shit want to help, Celly Brandybuck has fashioned some dwarven-style weapons for us. These should be more effective than those with which we hobbits have normally defended the Shire. Arm yourselves, Tooks!

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... [17 Sep 2002|07:05am]

[ mood | lonely ]

So where is everybody, eh?

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[09 Jul 2002|10:25am]

[ mood | busy ]

And now, the weekly update on the Took family:

Peregrin is rescued by Faramir from a Rohan prison. It was a lovely rescue.

Mirabella recently hosted the funeral for Lady Anaire. Many elves attended and lots of spiritual stuff happened.

Pearl finally returns to her regular hobbity self. It's wonderful to see you back to normal, dear.

Pervinca decides to move on with her life after a quick sort-of apology to Mirabella. Finally! It's about time you moved on! She goes on a date with Fastred. ;D

Evvy is sick of being little. Asks Mirabella for help, then changes his mind and, um, this happens. Stunning results.

Peregrin and Meriadoc go to Minas Tirith to chill. Do be careful, dearest. ._.

Oh yes. Pimpernel got a job as coffee maker for King Elessar. Can't find the thread, though. :/

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[07 Jul 2002|09:47pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Um... I've gone through some changes today.

I hope you're not angry with me, Thain Paladin. And if it's all right with you, I'd like to ask Vinca to dinner.

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hmmm [06 Jul 2002|06:16pm]

So what has everyone been up to lately? I haven't been looking too deeply into everything that's been going on, so catch me up on stuff. However, here are some comments on what I did see.

Pervinca has turned back to a humanoid, of sorts, with some new icons. They're too lovely and you know how hobbit boys are. >:| I suppose I'll have to start chaperoning you around with a shotgun.

Pearl, why on Middle Earth are you still a cat? And your sister is right, when in the apartment, don't go near the Corner of Perversion. Cat or not, you shouldn't be so dreadfully scarred so young.

Peregrin... stuck in a Rohan prison, eh? Well. Tell me how that turns out.

I love you Eggy. :)

And say hello to mirabellatook if you already haven't. She's a very nice lady who is also wary of elves, as you all should be.
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[28 Jun 2002|11:36am]

[ mood | x_x ]


. . .

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important [27 Jun 2002|10:40am]

OCC: OK!! 1st of all....im pimpernels regualar mun...i had to do something really important yesterday, so i had her
mun take over for me. I didnt expect her to do all this stuff to my puppet. So i will make it up to you all.....never again am i going to let someone use my puppet.. and those of you who talked to her mun on the aim sn that wasnt me either. My nephew was sick, i had to take him to the hospital. So dont blame me for what happened. Im sorry about everything. trust me i wouldnt have had her make her father look bad, none of this would have happened.
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I'm running for mayor!! [26 Jun 2002|08:09pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Vote for me!!!


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hmph [26 Jun 2002|08:22pm]

I suppose showing affection for the little bugger made me soft. Letter to Pimpernel's mun is now friends only, meaning that whoever plays Pimpernel Took should login as Pimpernel Took and view the community to read it, since it is an urgent matter that has to do with how your character is being played.
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I should probably throw in my two cents here [26 Jun 2002|02:19pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

Ah yes. This.

You requested that we leave Peregrin out of this, and so I will. He isn't a bad guy in the scheme of things anyways.
Do realize when you say anything offensive to your father, you also offend me? Yes, we realize that nobody is perfect, (we certainly know that you aren't), and we know you make mistakes. We can forgive you for those.
But when you go out and do completely reckless and dangerous things on purpose, you're not making an ignorant mistake, you're doing it because all you want is attention, and that is NOT how you should go about getting it.
I don't want to be harsh, Pimpernel, but if you're honestly wondering why "everything bad" happens to you...it's because you do it to yourself, what with that mohawk (when you promised us you wouldn't), the piercing, the tattoo, drinking so much that you black out. You are the only one who took our trust in you away.
I really do see and understand that you are a good person at heart, even if you are extremely confused with your emotions. You were raised no differently than your other siblings and these problems of yours have not started until now, so I believe that your problem is your attitude and your constant angsting. Please try to look on the bright side of things.

I'm not trying to put you down, and I can't help it if you feel like we are, but I'm giving you the truth from my point of view, and this is it. If you really need to something to live for, maybe you could try redeeming yourself. That is, if you aren't full of angst and hate directed towards your father and me.

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[26 Jun 2002|06:09am]

Thought I ought to post and tell you where I am.
I've been camping out in your back garden for the past two weeks, actually Paladin.
Umm... it's a secret!
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pictures [25 Jun 2002|11:59pm]

For those of you who don't bother to keep up with your family little ingrates, Pervinca posted photos of the family (which are a lot more happy and less angst-inducing than the pictures Peregrin decided to post).

So go look, feel nostalgic, all that lovely garbage, and good night.
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hm... [24 Jun 2002|09:38pm]

So Pimpernel, was it fun KISSING YOUR BROTHER?!

I swear, if I knew my child was going to turn incestuous on me, I would have killed you long ago! Or traded you in for Elanor Gamgee. At least when she committed incest she was lured in by the source of evil and temporarily insane.
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[24 Jun 2002|01:53pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

*meditates some* I'm really enjoying this alone time. I arrived at Bree last night and have rented a room at the Prancing Pony Inn. I think I'll stay for a while, if none of you will object to that.

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[24 Jun 2002|01:45pm]

[ mood | worried ]

Ummm you guys .....are my eyes really freaky to you? Dads freaked out by them..i think. *sighes* Am i that much of a freak?

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[24 Jun 2002|11:48am]

*sneezes* im sick now...guess thats the price to pay for running away...and staying out in the cold most of the night. Im burning up..will anyone come and take care of me? *coughs*
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[24 Jun 2002|12:56am]

This was a great idea dad, I mean if the Gamgees can have a community why not us Tooks?

Well, just wanted to stop in before I go to bed.
Goodnight and I love you all!
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[23 Jun 2002|07:40pm]

Dad made me I decided that I want to post my whereabouts and whatnot in here instead of in my personal journal. :) It's a good idea Daddy!

So, um, yeah. I'm near Bree.
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hmph, well. [23 Jun 2002|09:42pm]

Now listen here you little scoundrels, just because I made this community to bring us all together as a family does not, repeat, does not mean I love any of you. Except you because you're spectacular and wonderful. And just because I want everyone to post about how Pimpernel is wonderful and loved doesn't mean anything more than I hate to see her scary pretty violet eyes shed some tears.

And that is dirt in my eye which makes them water. And a mixture of some of those Visine artificial tears. I've kept my glasses down on the bridge of my nose much too long and some dirt got into it. Possibly tossed about by my children running away from the Shire. *glares* Now sod off, the lot of you!
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