Paladin Took (paladin_took) wrote in the_tooks,
Paladin Took


So what has everyone been up to lately? I haven't been looking too deeply into everything that's been going on, so catch me up on stuff. However, here are some comments on what I did see.

Pervinca has turned back to a humanoid, of sorts, with some new icons. They're too lovely and you know how hobbit boys are. >:| I suppose I'll have to start chaperoning you around with a shotgun.

Pearl, why on Middle Earth are you still a cat? And your sister is right, when in the apartment, don't go near the Corner of Perversion. Cat or not, you shouldn't be so dreadfully scarred so young.

Peregrin... stuck in a Rohan prison, eh? Well. Tell me how that turns out.

I love you Eggy. :)

And say hello to mirabellatook if you already haven't. She's a very nice lady who is also wary of elves, as you all should be.
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