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I should probably throw in my two cents here

Ah yes. This.

You requested that we leave Peregrin out of this, and so I will. He isn't a bad guy in the scheme of things anyways.
Do realize when you say anything offensive to your father, you also offend me? Yes, we realize that nobody is perfect, (we certainly know that you aren't), and we know you make mistakes. We can forgive you for those.
But when you go out and do completely reckless and dangerous things on purpose, you're not making an ignorant mistake, you're doing it because all you want is attention, and that is NOT how you should go about getting it.
I don't want to be harsh, Pimpernel, but if you're honestly wondering why "everything bad" happens to's because you do it to yourself, what with that mohawk (when you promised us you wouldn't), the piercing, the tattoo, drinking so much that you black out. You are the only one who took our trust in you away.
I really do see and understand that you are a good person at heart, even if you are extremely confused with your emotions. You were raised no differently than your other siblings and these problems of yours have not started until now, so I believe that your problem is your attitude and your constant angsting. Please try to look on the bright side of things.

I'm not trying to put you down, and I can't help it if you feel like we are, but I'm giving you the truth from my point of view, and this is it. If you really need to something to live for, maybe you could try redeeming yourself. That is, if you aren't full of angst and hate directed towards your father and me.
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